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Youth Authorization Form

As a parent and legal guardian, I understand that participation at X-Ring Security & Firearms for the activity of participating in shooting sports involves a certain degree of risk. I have carefully considered the risks involved and given my daughter/son between the ages of 13 to 18, my consent to participate in the activity.

Waiver of Liability

Risk of loss: Shooter assumes all dangers and risk of loss, injury or damage incidental to the discharge of firearms and weapons at the shooting facility, whether such loss, injury or damage is caused by the actual or passive negligence of X-Ring Security & Firearms range and any of its employees, agents or otherwise, and agree to discharge, release and hold harmless X-Ring Security & Firearms, its employees agents or otherwise from any and all claims or injuries that may arise out of or in connection with use of the facilities.

I have read and understand this Youth Range Authorization Form. 



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