Looking to sell your unused/unwanted firearms? X-Ring makes it easy to turn your unwanted guns into cash while avoiding the hassle and legal concerns of selling firearms in the open market. Selling a firearm privately can be time consuming, frustrating, and may leave you unsure if the buyer can legally own a firearm. Let us do all the dirty work!  We prominently display your consigned firearms in our beautiful, well-lit showroom on a backdrop of high-tech Gallow Steel.  Your firearms will be in clear view of our large customer base of members shooting at the range.  NEW TO X-RING, we now offer daily updated consignment listings to further increase exposure for your unwanted firearms and even offer limited-run social media posts for items on consignment.

Sign me up!  I’m interested in selling my firearms with X-Ring.  What do I need to do?

The first step is the easy part!  Bring your unloaded, cased firearm with all accessories you wish to consign to our showroom during business hours.  The firearm must be in verifiable working condition and legally registered to the consignor.

But I’m not a member yet.  How much do you charge for the service?  

Consignment is limited to members only and our fees are listed below.  Lifetime membership is a one-time fee of $29.95.  Sign up here.


What do I need to bring?

  • State Photo Identification

  • Firearm Registration Paperwork

  • Unloaded & Cased Firearm


20%of sale price
  • Showroom Display
  • Prominent Placement
  • Customer Education

In-Store & Online

30%of sale price
  • Showroom Display
  • Prominent Placement
  • Customer Education
  • Firearm Listing On Our Site
  • Bi-weekly Consignment Newsletter
  • Social Media Listings