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Private-use Group Events & Corporate Rates

Rent out our range for a private session with your organization. Put our state of the art indoor shooting range facility to work for you.  X-ring’s indoor shooting range is home to numerous corporate and federal government clients.  Industries such as security services and armored car personnel require annual requalification with duty firearms.  X-Ring is the perfect venue to qualify your team and keep them trained all year long.

Groups desiring to rent out our facility for social gatherings, family events, or work parties are also welcome! You’ll be comfortable in our clean, family-friendly, non-smoking environment.

Give Your Organization the Private Practice It Needs

  • Professional shooting organizations
  • Security companies (blue card classification and recertification classification)
  • Police departments
  • Government organizations

Count on Us to Get the ReCertification

Many organizations must be recertified each year. If your police force or security company needs to be recertified, you can count on our classroom space and shooting area.

The rangeis indoor and climate-controlled.  You can shoot without worrying about the weather or daylight.